Lamizik dan nou

Lamizik dan nou

Soley Dezil

In 2022, Phoenix Beer has decided to do more than just provide entertainment: together we have committed ourselves to the celebration of music. At a time when the various players in the local music industry are struggling to make their voices heard, Phoenix Beer, a committed partner in local culture, is opening up the debate on the future of local music through a digital campaign that combines emotion and reflection. It featured a series of interviews with key players of the local music industry and a host of exclusive performances to showcase the talents who proudly wear the colours of Mauritius in their artistic creations. It’s a campaign that also reiterates Phoenix Beer’s commitment to showcasing and promoting local artists.

Client : Phoenix Beer
Campagne : Lamizik Dan Nou
Domaine : Content Creation, Digital Campaign, Social Media
Marché : Mauritius
Année : 2022

ACA Flame Award 2023: Mention
Les Créatives 2022 : 3rd Place

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