phoenix 60 ans

phoenix 60 ans
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Phoenix 60 An

For 60 years, Phoenix has been much more than Mauritius’ first beer.

It is a cultural symbol rooted in the daily lives of Mauritians, celebrating their joy and experiences. To mark this anniversary, Phoenix sought to strengthen its connection with the Mauritian people through a year-long campaign, focusing on storytelling, emotion, nostalgia and shared experiences.

The campaign recounted the compelling story of Phoenix beer, the dedicated craftsmen artisans who give it its unique taste, to the loyal community that has cherished it for six decades. The aim was to offer consumers an intimate look at the beer-making process, showcasing the passion and talent behind this iconic beverage.

Client : Phoenix Beer
Domaine : Influencer campaign / Social Media
Marché : Mauritius
Année : 2023

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