IBL Together

IBL Together

IBL Together

IBL, a Mauritius-based diversified group, boasts world-class proficiency in sectors such as agriculture & energy, engineering, food & distribution, finance, hospitality, and more. To further raise its profile and connect with Mauritians, IBL has launched its bi-annual magazine titled IBL Together, featuring news, documented articles, in-depth interviews and reports, highlighting the expertise of its teams and the uniqueness of its companies, a publication that OXO has been supporting since it was first published.


With the idea of refreshing the corporate magazine, our goal was to reimagine its conventional corporate format to engage readers more effectively. To achieve this, we turned IBL Together into a platform for sharing, co-creating, and artistic expression by imagining a fully customizable cover. It provides a blank canvas for readers, inviting them to unleash their creativity by imagining the possibilities and in this way contribute to the crafting of the magazine.


With its modern, dynamic, and vibrant design, IBL Together injects a fresh, novel dimension into the corporate magazine landscape, redefining the reader experience, ensuring a more engaged readership and ultimately enhancing IBL’s brand perception.

Awards :

IBL Together 4, Les Créatives: 2nd Prize Corporate Category (2021)

IBL Together 6 Gold Les Créatives, 2nd Prize Corporate Category (2022)

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