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From the realm of sugar production to the diverse fields of agriculture, leisure, real estate, and business, Medine has consistently played a pivotal role in sculpting the western region of Mauritius. Embracing a forward-looking perspective, the group envisions actively engaging its employees in this transformative journey, empowering them to become advocates for positive change. This vision became the inspiration behind the ‘ Create Positive ‘ initiative—an inclusive call to action for all Medine Group employees to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing evolution of the region.

The brand’s colour palette has been meticulously revised to radiate a sense of modern flair. The photographic direction places a strong emphasis on the human element and the various sectors in which the brand is actively involved in, including agriculture, lifestyle and leisure, property, business and workspace, and education. This holistic approach not only revitalises the website but also serves as a visual testament to Medine’s commitment to shaping a vibrant and thriving community.

Client : Medine Group
Domaine : Branding, Website Development
Marché : Mauritius
Année : 2020 – 2023

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