Beachcomber: The Art of Beautiful

Beachcomber: The Art of Beautiful


Dedicated to not only creating beautiful memories, Beachcomber Hotels & Resorts are committed to environment protection and sustainable development, while always striving to improve the vacation experience of its visitors. Their focus today is on revamping their image and communications, sharing their story and vision for the future, with a strong commitment to sustainable development. With the desire to celebrate the beauty of the island, one of their precious attributes, they were inspired to create a visual campaign titled ‘ The Art Of Beautiful ‘.

The message is both simple and poetic: Beachcomber’s artisans and employees, having reached a level of excellence, pour their passion into each and every detail, as they create the Art of Beautiful in every moment and around every turn of the visitor’s holiday experience, contributing to the hotel’s standard. Bringing our creative flair to this philosophy, we developed a collection of visuals, showcasing Beachcomber hotel employees as artisans who create the Art of Beautiful every day through their expertise. Every gesture, every situation, becomes a life-like canvas, a fantastic and artistic escape.

Client : Beachcomber
Campagne : The Art of Beautiful
Domaine : Campaign, Photo, Video
Marché : Mauritius
Année : 2023

African Cristal: Best Art Direction
ACA Flame Award: Gold Award in Craft

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